When Jesus provided a model prayer, He began with “Our Father who is in Heaven…
Knowing who we are praying to makes all the difference. When we come to God, our Creator, and call Him “Father” we’re acknowledging that at the heart of the universe there is not only ultimate power but ultimate love. This power and love are generously poured out on the  lives of those who come to God in prayer and bring every care and concern to Him.

Prayer Meeting Times

Pray with us or let us pray for you.
Saturdays at 8:00 AM.

Prayer Ministry Team

Our Prayer Team responds to prayer requests and prays with anyone in need on Sunday mornings.
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We would be honored to pray for you.
Click the link below to submit your prayer request to our Prayer Team. You can keep requests anonymous, or add them to our Public Prayer List.

Our Public Prayer List contains our community prayer requests. All of these requests have been asked to be made public so that anyone can join in the prayer.