Welcome to Bridge Academy!

Bridge Academy classes are free courses at the Bible-college level. Your mind will be filled and equipped with deep understandings of Scripture, theology, biblical languages, and practical training. You can expect to take lots of notes, have assigned reading, and lots of classroom discussion.

Our current Bridge Academy course is on basic Bible doctrines (January 18 - May 17).

Academy courses are intended for disciples who are eager to explore the vastness of our faith. Class offerings can include - 
  • The history of the Church
  • Basic Greek and Hebrew languages
  • Basic Christian doctrines
  • Apologetics
  • In-depth Bible studies
  • Topics in theology

All are welcomed to attend classes, but registered students are invited to participate more deeply and have access to additional course materials.

Sign-up for our current course through the link below.
Students who register for Bridge Academy courses have access to supplemental materials and class sessions like this one -