What is a disciple?

A disciple is a student, and Jesus is the Teacher. At The Bridge, we are committed to the "Great Commission," the instructions Jesus gave before He ascended to Heaven. In the Great Commission, Jesus told us to make DISCIPLES of all nations, BAPTIZING them, and TEACHING them to OBEY ALL that Jesus commands.

We accomplish this through classes, fellowship groups, service & missions teams, one-on-one apprenticeships, and participation in weekly worship.

In our Discipleship Pathways classes, we focus on forming disciples in five ways:
  • As WORSHIPERS, adoring our God who is worthy of all praise
  • As SERVANTS, imitating Jesus our King who came to serve
  • As FAMILY, brothers and sisters with the same Spirit, sharing our lives, joys, and struggles
  • As WITNESSES, transformed by the Gospel and empowered to share it
  • As WARRIORS, armored by God and sent out against spiritual darkness

What happens in Discipleship Pathways classes?

The goal of our Pathways classes is TO EQUIP DISCIPLES TO GO MAKE DISCIPLES! We learn a lot, but always in relationship.

Gifted teachers from our church family lead us through various topics in discipleship. We practice fundamental spiritual disciplines, dive deep into the Bible, learn core Christian beliefs, and develop skills for sharing our faith.

But discipleship is all about real relationships: love for God, love for neighbors, love for one another, and even love for enemies.

That's what makes our Discipleship Pathways special: the relationships of a Small Group with the depth a Sunday School class.

Click below to learn more about our current Pathways class. YOU ARE INVITED! You can come any week and jump right in!