Simple Plan Growth Track

Each January we're given a unique opportunity in our lives, a brand new year with new and exciting possibilities. We often designate this time of year to set goals for ourselves and to work on improving how we live our lives. We resolve to exercise more, to be more kind to our co-workers, to read more books, to get that promotion, to spend more time with our family, and the list goes on and on.  
There is nothing wrong with setting any of these goals, but we would like to encourage you to set some spiritual goals as well. And it doesn't have to be complicated, in fact we would suggest just 5 simple steps that will enable you to grow in your relationship with God this year!

Simple Steps to Spiritual Growth

Step 1: 

One of the most practical ways to grow in your relationship with God is to spend time being encouraged by the Word of God and engaging in fellowship with the local body of believers. At The Bridge Church we do this every Sunday morning with services at 9 & 10:30AM. And if you ever miss a message you can always find our sermons online at the link below.


Step 2:

On the way to growingspiritually it is important to gain insight and guidance on how to develop spiritual habits for your life. Our Next Steps class can you help you with that. For more information and to sign up for a class click the link below.

Next Steps

Step 3:

There is no growing in your relationship with God without spending time with Him in His Word. One incredibly easy way to to do that is by having the Bible at your fingertips on your devices by downloading the YouVersion Bible App. YouVersion not only allows you to take the Bible with you everywhere, but it also has countless Bible study plans to help encourage and engage you on your walk as well. You can download the Bible app from their website by clicking the link below.


Step 4:

The Christian life was made to be done in community. Being connected with a small group provides encouragement, assistance, and accountability as members strive to grow closer to God and each other. For information about our small groups and to sign up click the link below.

Small Groups

Step 5: 

Growing in your relationship with God means trusting Him with all aspects of your life, including your finances. Giving to the local church allows us to worship by being faithful to God and trusting Him to care for our needs. For more information about how to give at The Bridge Church click the link below.